Do You Have The Auto-Accident Blues?

Have you been in a recent car accident and looking for an honest, trustworthy lawyer to represent your case? John Kannin of Kannin Law Firm is the only Seattle Auto Accident Attorney that can really represent with the goal of getting ALL your money from the Insurance Companies involved. Call John immediately before you talk to any insurance agent, other than to report the accident.

Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies love to take your money but they don’t like giving it back to you, nor does the other party’s insurance company. You probably already knew that. But what you may not know is how useful a good attorney is at working through the paperwork and the details of a claim to get you all the money you deserve to have coming to you. A good Personal Injury Attorney or a great Seattle Auto Accident Attorney like Kannin Law Firm in Seattle Washington will work with you to do just that. They already know the ins and outs and how the system works… You will easily make back in claims what you pay in fees to your Auto Accident Attorney. That is is if you have a good one.

Research Attorneys

It pays to ask question and look around for a good car accident lawyer. A good one will know especially all about any hospitalizations or other complicating factors in your case.

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