How to Deal With Pedestrian Accident

When you are taking a walk on the streets or crossing the road, you cannot expect to be hit by a vehicle. However, this is a common occurrence and the outcome can be life-altering. The accident can end up in serious injuries or even death.

When there are injuries involved, the process becomes hectic as there will be hospital visits, medication, therapies and so much more. This can affect your livelihood and you may even end up losing your wages due to the injuries.

So, how do you deal with a pedestrian accident? This article will provide a guideline on the steps you should take.

Seek Medical Attention

Your safety and health is the most important thing and as such, when an accident happens, the priority is seeing a doctor. Even in cases where you are not feeling any pain or see any physical injuries, you should get medical assistance. There is nothing that should be as important as getting medical treatment. In any case, even the issue of pursuing compensation will be based on the reports from medical experts.

Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer

When you are injured in a pedestrian accident, you need to protect your legal rights as well. As such, you need to contact an auto accident lawyer right away. This will help you follow up with the insurance companies so that they can take responsibility and the liabilities. Most insurance companies try to make a quick offer to accident victims. It is advisable to talk to a lawyer before making a decision on the offer. The truth is that most insurance adjusters will try to underpay the claims. While you are focusing on medical treatment and recovery, the lawyer will be working on your claims.

Establish Where to Get Money

It goes without saying that being hurt in an accident means that you will have to incur unexpected expenses. You need to determine where you will get the money from as this is imperative. It is worth noting that the compensation from the insurance company will not come in immediately. As such, you cannot purport to wait for that money so as to seek treatment. Find out if you can use your insurance cover for the treatment. There are so many unforeseen costs that will come up beside the medical treatment and it is important to be braced for any eventualities.


A pedestrian accident will affect your life in one way or another. As such, you may end up with permanent disabilities or lost wages. When you get hit by a vehicle, you need to follow the right protocol so as to protect your health as well as your livelihood. The best way to ensure that you are making the right decision is by hiring a qualified auto accident attorney.

With these few tips, you should be able to handle the pedestrian accident in the right way and protect your health and legal rights in the best way.

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